Most Helpful Apps for Students

High school and college require personal organization. This is the time when you are away from parents who would incessantly remind you when to do your school work, when to sleep and wake-up and when to complete other school-related activities. Luckily, the boom in Android and IOS app development has ensured that you have applications to complete every basic activity you need to complete in school. You can now manage your finances more efficiently, acquire notes relevant to your unit or course more easily and even organize complex school projects.

Here are the apps you need to make your school life easy:

Office Lens

Office Lens app is available for free for iOS, Windows, and Android. This app was developed by Microsoft and becomes handy for scanning and organizing pictures of documents, cards, whiteboards, magazines, receipts, magazines, blackboards and eventually converts them into editable and shareable text files. What makes Office Lens even better is that it allows you to take pictures at an extreme angle. For instance, you can easily capture the whiteboard or blackboard while seated at the side of the classroom. It will, at the same time, clean up the shadow and the glare and save the image as a PDF, PPT file or word document depending on your preferences.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

For you to study well, you need to go to bed and wake up at the correct time. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock helps you achieve this in an intelligent. This app uses your phone’s accelerometer and microphone to analyze your sleeping pattern. The data from the analysis is used by the app to wake you up just at the best time, a moment you’re in the lightest state but within the window you set. A premium version of this app is a little advanced; it can track your heart rate, integrate Philips he and detect snores.

Dragon Dictation

This is an app for students who find the whole process of typing to be boring or straight bothersome. Prolonged typing can actually cause permanent wrist damage. Dragon Dictation allows you to dictate your emails and homework to it. It then converts the spoken word to text which you can send via email or post on social networks or paste it anywhere you please in your smartphone. This app is like Cortana or Siri, it adapts to your voice over time and reaches a point where it begins to suggest words for you during dictation. It’s a good way to store info like apple cider vinegar nutrition facts


This is a great app for automating everything on your phone. It can be described as a programming tool which triggers an array of responses depending on the environment. For instance, if you get in a library, the app disables some setting son your phone such as notification, alarm or switches sound notifications to vibration. Among other uses, it can also launch applications automatically and help you complete some frequently performed tasks. It is an app for the sophisticates who want their phone to be in the correct mode at the correct time, all the time!